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I believe in fostering genuine connections that go beyond just business transactions. When you’re in my network, you’re not just a contact; you’re someone I genuinely want to see succeed. I’ve spent the last couple of years building a diverse circle of professionals and experts who are always willing to share their insights and support each other.

So, by joining my network, you’re tapping into a community that’s all about collaboration and growth. I’m a firm believer in lifting each other up, and I take pride in creating an environment where you can find mentorship, valuable advice, and even potential partnerships. Plus, I love connecting the right people at the right time, so if I come across an opportunity that aligns with your goals, you can bet I’ll be thinking of you. Being in my network means you’re not just getting a contact, but a committed business partner who’s genuinely invested in your success.

A few of the communities I am part of:

  • Chesterfield Chamber
  • Powhatan Chamber
  • Goochland Chamber
  • BNI
  • eWomenNetwork¬†
  • Swift Creek Business Owners
  • Powhatan Business Owners
  • Chesterfield Business Owners

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